Essays on Lithography

Here are some links to essays that I've written on various topics related to lithography

A Modest Proposal: How to make SPIE Microlithography papers worth listening to (3-20-2006)

Is EUV the SST of Lithography? (7-26-2011)

An analysis of historical trends in the top 20 semiconductor companies (October and November, 2011)

Tennant's Law (January and February, 2012)

Why 450-mm Wafers? (August, 2012)

The Future of Semiconductor Lithography? Look to Flash (August, 2013)

The Bet: Mack and Bakshi Settle Bet on the Future of EUVL (February, 2015)

Build Better Metrology (February, 2015)


In addition, here you'll find some old predictions about the future of lithography. How well did I do?


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